AJ(S)-37 Viggen at Göteborg Airshow

Peter Eliasson

Introduction / Presentation:

Since a kid, I have been interested in aircraft and photography.
As photography is in the center of all my interests I use it to share my experiences with everybody that want to and are interested.  :-)

Growing up close to an airfield where the Saab J 35 Draken was flying just fuelled the aircraft interest. 

When it came to doing my military service the choice was easy. I applied to the Swedish Airforce and spent two years training to get my officers diploma. Since then I´m still  an officer in the Swedish Airforce reserves.

I have  a general interest in military history and  have traveled and studied historical sites, just to mention a few: Normandy, The Ardennes,  sites and museums in the UK, Germany and a lot of other sites and museums.

Photography is a big hobby for me and I have developed my photo equipment and skills during the years. When I´m looking at my images from a couple of years ago i can see the change. Sometimes I want to go back and re-edit them to lift their  quality. :-).

BUT there is always room to improve things and this has kept me striving to improve my images and the image quality. 

I have kept reading and learning as much as I can about photography, invested in good camera gear and then going out there and getting the images. This has improved Image quality a lot but to get the best images you need to plan ahead, use your experience, have some luck and then improve the image you got in post processing.

I have learnt a lot during these years and as I want to share my hobby and knowledge with others I held a couple of courses in photography. The courses are usually in two parts and part one focuses on camera gear, planning before the event, image composition, photo techniques, settings and much more. Part two of the course focuses on post processing which includes the post processing workflow, image management, tagging, editing, color management, sharpening and much more. 

There is a saying that is very true and I try to follow this: "You don´t take an image, you make an image!"  You are in control!

I think that concludes the presentation.  :-)


PS. If you buy anything from this site, the funds goes into travelling to new exciting places, which will be shared here later. D.S.

If you have any questions, requests or need help in any way don't hesitate to contact me via:

e-mail: peter.eliasson@e-pic.se
Phone: + 46 733 250 757

It is also possible to find me by clicking on the Facebook or Google icons below. 

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